Buyer Tips

  • To begin with, make a list of your “Needs & Wants,” in descending priority order. The more definitive and honest the priority list is, the better chance we have of finding that dream home. Be realistic about reasonable compromise; however, because the absolutely perfect home may not exist. We have included some questionnaires to help you get started.
  • Get Pre-approved! At the early stages of house hunting, become acquainted with lender requirements. Have a consultation with a lender or mortgage broker and become clear as to the real price range that is suitable and possible for you. Until this is known, house hunting can result in devastating disappointments by shopping in an unrealistic price range. Review the Items Needed for a Credit Application page to help you assemble information
  • Please listen carefully to my suggestions when becoming serious about a home. Read the disclosure statement thoroughly and obtain inspections from qualified professionals. Treat the purchase as a serious financial investment in addition to thinking of it as the home of your dreams.

Handy Hints

Signing and closing are not the same event.  You will sign your closing documents, and then the escrow company will follow the directions in the Purchase and Sale Agreement and close the transaction on the date specified.

Earnest Money is credited back to you at closing by the escrow company.  Depending on the circumstances, you may find that you have to bring less money with you to your signing appointment because your Earnest Money is already there.

Any funds brought to the signing by you—ie. your down payment—must be in the form of a certified check or money order.  No personal checks!  You may also elect to have the finds wired, but wiring fees range from $40-80 and you will have had to make arrangements for this in advance.