How an Agent Helps

When you agree to work with me, I will list your home with our  North West Multiple Listing Service (NWMLS). This means that complete information about your home can be accessed by any licensed agent. Since nine out of 10 buyers use an agent in their home search process, this complete and detailed database of listings is an important tool.

A lockbox can help sell your home

When your home is listed on the multiple, your home will receive a lockbox, sometimes referred to as a keybox. The lockbox is attached to your home and will contain an entry key.

Benefits of a lockbox:

? Allows real estate agents from various companies to show your home whether it’s occupied or not.

? Saves time that agents would have to spend retrieving keys from the real estate offices.

? Provides controlled access by requiring agents enter a unique security card or code.

? The keybox tracks who has been through your home. I can then       follow up with those agents to get critical feedback that may speed the sale of your home.

Broker’s Opens

Like a public open house but for Real Estate Agents.

Office Tours

Each Real Estate office takes a weekly tour of homes. I will put your home on my office tour as well as other offices in the area. By exposing your home to other agents I am selling it to all their potential buyers.

Open Houses

Public Open House so any potential buyer can come and view your home.

Yard Signs

This advertised your home 24/7. Any buyer or agent driving by will know your home is on the market. They can easily contact me for more information.