Tips to Get Top Dollar

Clean Up:

  • Do a deep clean on your home, pay attention to detail
  • Wash all windows inside and out. Clean window seals and door jams
  • Pressure wash the roof and driveway
  • Apply a fresh coat of paint
  • Repaint your front door and have any decks refinished
  • Be sure the home smells fresh and clean, it will be the first thing buyers notice when they walk in

Clear it out:

  • Recycle, donate or sell most of the stuff you don’t use. Clearing up space makes your home look roomier
  • Keep all surfaces clear of clutter
  • Remove most items smaller than a basketball, we want to create simple spaces that don’t distract from the home

Make small simple repairs:

  • Fix any broken hinges/sliders on doors, cupboards or drawers
  • Update your door knobs in bath/kitchen, this is a cheap way to make a large impact
  • Replace any broken light switches or missing electrical outlet covers

Liven it up:

  • Add a splash of color, with new curtains or fresh flowers
  • Replace light switches with dimmer switches to create softer lighting
  • Spruce up the garden with fresh beauty bark, seasonal color and pruning of trees and shrubs

Pretend you are the buyer, drive up to your home and walk through as if it were your first time. What do you notice? What are your impressions? After this you may notice more things that need to be polished.